The DRUID Conferences

21 DRUID Summer Conference 2006 on Knowledge, Innovation and Competitiveness: Dynamics of Firms, Networks, Regions and Institutions [papers] [best papers] [photographs][streaming Video]
20 The DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2006 PhD Conference - The Evolution of Capabilities and Industrial Dynamics
[papers] [best papers] [photographs]
19 The DRUID Tenth Anniversary Summer Conference 2005 on Dynamics of Industry and Innovation: Organizations, Networks and Systems [papers] [best papers] [photographs] [streaming video]
18 The DRUID 2005 Winter Conference on Industrial Evolution and Dynamcis [papers] [best papers] [photographs]
17 The DRUID 2004 Summer Conference on Industrial Dynamics, Innovation and Development [papers] [photographs]
16 The DRUID 2004 Winter Conference on Innovation, Growth and Industrial Dynamics [papers] [photographs]
15 The DRUID 2003 Summer Conference on Creating, Sharing and Transferring Knowledge: The Role of Geography [papers] [photographs]
14 The DRUID 2003 Winter Conference [papers] [photographs]
13 The DRUID 2002 Summer Conference on Industrial Dynamics of the New and Old Economy - who is embracing whom? [papers] [photographs]
12 The DRUID 2002 Winter Conference on Industry Evolution and Analysis [papers] [photographs]
11 The DRUID 2001 Nelson and Winter Conference [papers] [photographs]
10 The DRUID 2001 Winter Conference: External Organisation of the Firm [papers] [photographs]
9 The DRUID 2000 Summer Conference On The Learning Economy: Firms, Regions And Nation Specific Institutions [papers] [photographs]
8 The 2000 DRUID Winter conference [papers]
7 The 1999 DRUID Summer Conference on National Innovation Systems, Industrial Dynamics and Innovation Policy [conference homepage] [papers]
6 The 1999 DRUID Winter Conference [programme] [papers]
5 The 1998 DRUID Summer Conference: Competence, Governance, and Entrepreneurship [programme] [papers] [photographs]
4 The 1998 DRUID Winter Conference [programme] [papers] [photographs]
3 The 1997 DRUID Summer Seminar [programme] [photographs]
2 The 1997 DRUID January Workshop [description] [papers]
1 The 1996 DRUID Summer Seminar on the nature of knowledge [programme] [photographs]
  The 1995 DRUID December Workshop [description]

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