The DRUID Winter 2001 Winter Conference

The Winter conference is planned to take place near Copenhagen in January 18-20, with 40-50 participants. The conference is organised by the DRUID Academy for Doctoral Education and Training (see further: and is open also for Ph.D.-students coming from the international network partners of DRUID - including those connected to the ETIC-programme. The emphasis on Ph.D.-training is thus even more explicit at this conference than in earlier years. Still DRUID seniors will participate with papers or as commentators.

We especially welcome contributions related to the Marshallian concept of the 'external organisation of the firm', linking the internal organizational structures of a firm with its external relationships.

Material for the conference:

The conference will be held at:
Korsør Lystskov
DK 4220 Korsør
Voice: +45 58376666
Fax: +45 58373541

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